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This page is devoted to some of the books I’ve read many times over the years. Most of these books I have given to many friends, and I highly recommend you get a copy of each.

BTW I don’t get any money or compensation from these links, it’s just some thing I think is important…

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What can I say… 
I’ve been reading Larry’s stuff since the 70’s, when they were “Underground Comics”
Which BTW I still own :o)
These are a must have, and if I had the finances, they’d be in every school on the planet.
Michael Talbot
The Holographic Universe:
This book is fascinating, even if what it says is outside your “beliefs or education.”
Unfortunately Michial died of lymphocystic leukemia at age 38, 
and this was his last book on the subject.
But it’s still out there if you look around.